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Dynamic Display in Each Area

We create, track and report on the broadcast streams that will increase your sales and in-house interaction by preparing the most appropriate content for the audience you want within a strategic plan that is right for you.

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What's our target?

Corporate TV

You can create remarkable publications with all announcements, information, training and up-to-the-minute news, as well as your staff and your guests.

Corporate TV

With corporate design, you can have more colorful and dynamic work areas with proper design work.

Corporate TV2

It is a platform where you will promote your organization's identity, mission and vision, support internal communication, and enhance employee motivation.

Let's create your Corporate TV!

Target Users




City Halls


Business Offices


Hospitality TV

Hospitality TV

With high-quality visual content and videos, you can display your products in the right way, boosting attention.

Target Users


Fast Food







You can save both time and job losses by instantly updating product and price from a single point.

Hospitality TV2
Hospitality Target

With mobile and remarkable promotions, you can influence your buying decisions by directing the interest of your prospective customers to your products, and you can catch cross-selling opportunities.


Point of Sale TV

You can reach your sales targets in a shorter time with strategic promotions and screen locations that will share your best ads and campaigns in the right place and time.


With interactive applications, you can offer your customers more enjoyable and brand new shopping experiences, support your marketing strategy by collecting instant facts.

Point of Sale3
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FMGC Brands

Retail Stores


Target Users

Point of Sale
Point of Sale2

more watching screens!

Online Categories

Inform your customers with up-to-date, effective, eye-catching news and information content, and keep an eye on them! With online information such as news, weather forecasts, sports and real-time financial markets, we decide together the right solutions for your needs.

You can choose from multiple content categories headings and design with the best fit for you. Start broadcasting your DsFeed now!

The most appropriate headlines to choose from the rich news categories; in your work environment or in your stores, it is helpful to set up a communication network that we keep up to date.

dsfeed online content categories


live, effective, real contents

We provide our clients with a variety of media services to help them maximize the use of advertising, communications infrastructure, and to provide viewers with enjoyable, up-to-date information. These include all types of advertising and campaign visuals from the themes they will use in online content categories to video animated images they will share.

Graphic Design, Creative Team, Animaton, Video Content, Online Content

Why Graphic Design and Animation Services do Important?

Advertisement ensures that your campaign or informational content is meaningful, reportable and directive to influence the target audience.

Our Professional Design and Animation team brings together video-animation contents tailored to you in the right place and time. with impressive visual work you reach your sales goals.

Digital Signage, Graphic Design, Creative Team, Animaton, Video Content, Online Content

Your content is prepared professionally, in accordance with the target audience, within a plan, integrated into the communication strategy, in accordance with screen sizes and resolutions.

Why Do You Need Graphic Design and Animation Services?

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living, controlled contents

We are always with you and your institution with our expert engineers. In this direction;

Broadcast Management
Unlimited Updates
Professional Team
Digital Signage, Remote Control, Reporting, Monitoring

why us?

We aim to realise all our projects within the framework of a specific vision and customer satisfaction since the first day. From this point of view, we strive to create value-added jobs by demonstrating all our experience and creativity.

By giving you better services with our continuously renewed infrastructure and services, we aim to build your future with your brand.

Digital Signage, Creative Team, Content Managment,
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